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HIP HOP, HIP HOP HIGH BACK AND HIP HOP JUNIOR – ADDENDUM 1 USA – JULY 2021 MODULAR / CONFERENCE AND PUBLIC AREAS • All models ship assembled except high back and wood leg models. Assembly of legs and the optional tablet is required on site. • Fabric/fabric, fabric/vinyl and vinyl/vinyl upholstery is only available for the double ogive and armchairs. The first upholstery code is for the backrest, the second upholstery code is for the seat. • If dual upholstery combination is from two different grades, list price is the highest grade of the two. • Leather is not available. • Metallic Silver electrical modules provide 2 power outlets and 2 USB 2.1 connectors. All electrical modules are rectangular (including the one for HRTM36), with the exception of ottomans and round tables that will include a circular module. Specify this option by adding PC, PCL or PCR depending on the model (maximum of 1 per unit). The modules come installed. • The optional 9" (229 mm) deep laminate back tablets are installed at a height of 42" (1067 mm). • Please refer to the Lacasse Sampler for laminate choices. • Please refer to the Arold Accessories Addendum for information on ganging brackets. • C.O.M./C.O.V. available. Please refer to page 65 of the current Arold Price Book. SPECIFICATIONS HIP HOP, HIP HOP HIGH BACK AND HIP HOP JUNIOR – Addendum DUAL UPHOLSTERY APPLICATION SAMPLE ORDER: HC60H-E8- AM24 - AM46 -NA-PCR 2 1 CALCULATING RADIUS: The radius is the linear distance calculated from the center of the circle (point 0) to the inner circumference of the module. 78" (1981 mm) 48" (1219 mm) 18" (457 mm) ELECTRICAL MODULE: Specify the position of the electrical module based on the model type. LEG OPTIONS: 9½" (241 mm) height for Hip Hop and Hip Hop High Back products and 6" (152 mm) Hip Hop Junior products. Standard leg E Steel, curved. Optional leg K Laser cut steel. (Not offered on Hip Hop Junior products.) CALCULATING DEGREES: The degree of the angle is calculated by dividing the entire circumference (360°) by the number of modules. E.g.: 360° divided by 6 modular units provides an angle of 60°. Thus, 12 modules of 30° form a circle (360°). 30° 45° 60° LAMINATE BACK TABLET: To order and indicate an optional laminate back tablet, simply add a laminate code. Order example: HC60H-E8-AM24-AM24- SNO When a back laminate tablet is not required, specify NA . GANGING RULE: As indicated in this list, and for stability purposes, some modules must be ganged to another module. The HC30HBA and HC60HBA modules cannot be ganged because they are separated by lateral privacy arms. Please refer to the Arold Accessories Addendum for information on ganging brackets. 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 Rectangular electrical module PC . Positioned in the middle of the laminate surface, with the exception of the HRTM36, which will be positioned near the middle of the half-moon shaped surface. Rectangular electrical module PC . Positioned on the front right side, once seated. Rectangular electrical module PCL and PCR . Positioned on the side of the back of a wedge chair, once seated. Specify PCL (PC module on left) or PCR (PC module on right). Round electrical module PC . Positioned in the center of the laminate surface. Optional leg W Wood, stained. 2 colors are offered. Hip Hop products with metal legs cannot be retrofitted with wood legs. (Not offered on Hip Hop Junior products.) HC4830H H4830CH H1860CH HC HC30H Specs_Tablette Hip Hop High Back HC1860H HC7830H HC4845H HC4830H H7830CH H4845CH H4830CH H1860CH HC60H HC30H Specs_ ModulePC_et_2-ton Specs_2_bras Specs_Tablette Hip Hop High Back HC1860H