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JULY 2021 3 ABOUT AROLD… Arold is synonym of quality, craftsmanship and endless possibilities. Great expertise and experience have been put together to develop products that will fit your needs and ignite the designer in you. No matter the space you are creating, may it be large or small, for public areas or healthcare facilities, Arold has the product you need. We look forward to assist you with any questions and support your efforts to make Arold a prized brand under our already successful family of products. Take a seat and feel the Arold difference. WHAT ABOUT SPECIAL PRODUCTS? Groupe Lacasse stands out for its unwavering commitment to flexibility and Arold is no exception. We can help you with non-standard furniture solutions to your specific environment, your special needs and your budget. Please contact Groupe Lacasse Quotations Department for an assessment of your request. HOW TO USE THIS PRICE LIST Find the products you need Refer to the Table of Contents to find the solutions you require. Pictures of various models are available on the Groupe Lacasse website ( Specify the upholstery and finishes you want Once you’ve selected the products that meet your needs, refer to the appropriate upholstery and finish sections that can be found at and make a note of the applicable codes. Refer to the Sample Order sections specific to each model to ensure integrity of order. Application policy for upholsteries Vertical alignment or standard position (Up the roll) Horizontal alignment (Railroaded) IMPORTANT: Please note that upholsteries on all our commercial seats will be applied vertically (or standard), the same way the upholstery material unrolls. For reasons of size and optimization of the material, some of our collections with upholstered seats are upholstered horizontally (or with the selvage on top). With some exceptions, this is the opposite direction of the one illustrated in our upholstery cards. Below is a chart showing the direction rolls are applied on every product. You can also consult the symbols under the icons of products shown in this price list. Direction in which rolls are applied, according to collection Up the roll Railroaded Apero Sencha - Metal Legs Aerial Napa Barolo Sencha - Wood Legs Bourbon Sencha - HES3 only Cube 100 Stad - Soft Seating Churchill Soho Cube 200 Terra Cube 300 Sonoma Lincoln Zeta Hip Hop Martini Pouf Hip Hop - High Back Orsay Pouf - Modular Hip Hop - Junior Submit your order Fax: Groupe Lacasse LLC Attn: Order Entry 1-800-363-5474 Email: Contact us if you have questions Making sure you get what you need – on time and accurately – is our first priority. Should you ever have questions, please feel free to contact the Customer Service department. Telephone: 1-888-522-2773 Email: Arold products have achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification. GREENGUARD Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. For more information, visit