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JULY 2021 65 C.O.M./C.O.V. Policy Fabric approval All C.O.M./C.O.V. materials must be approved for use by Groupe Lacasse/Arold manufacturing facilities. In order to determine pre-approval, please contact the C.O.M./C.O.V. coordinator at 1-888-522-2773. To solicit approval, one yard (0,9144 metre) need to be forwarded to below address along with the material’s specifications to the attention of the C.O.M./C.O.V. coordinator. If California # 117 compliant, the certification must accompany the material. Please ensure that the custom fabric form is completely filled out and sent to the C.O.M./C.O.V. coordinator or the test cannot be processed. The ORIENTATION section is especially important; if it fails to be completed the material will be applied as it comes off the roll. Groupe Lacasse/Arold C/O COM Coordinator 147, Saint-Pierre St Saint-Pie, QC J0H 1W0 Canada Once the C.O.M./C.O.V. material has been tested, you will be contacted by the C.O.M./C.O.V. coordinator with the results. Upon approval, you will be directed as to any additional yardage requirements beyond the published C.O.M./C.O.V. yardage. To determine amount of upholstery needed, please consult this price list in the Documents section of “Arold COM-COV-SPL Requirements” on our website ( Yardage is based on 54"/1,38 m width roll. Some directional or railroaded material may require additional yardage. All materials are to be received from the vendor clearly marked with your purchase order number, VENDOR-PATTERN-COLOR and quantity of yards. There should not be more than one piece per roll. Back orders or partial shipments will not be accepted. Rolls must not exceed 50 lbs. (22,7 kg). All C.O.M./C.O.V. material must be shipped prepaid to our manufacturing facility. DO NOT ship C.O.M./C.O.V. material without positive test results. Once approved, please forward your purchase order to the C.O.M./C.O.V. coordinator (fax: 1-888-248-1865) and the upholstery to the specified address. Surplus material, unused material or material that cannot be identified will be discarded after 60 days. C.O.M./C.O.V. upholstery is subject to final approval upon arrival. It is the responsibility of the customer or customer’s vendor to inspect material for bias and/or flaws prior to shipment to Groupe Lacasse/Arold. Disclaimer The Seller reserves the right to approve all C.O.M./C.O.V. prior to acceptance. Even after preliminary approval, the Seller reserves the right to reject C.O.M./C.O.V. if tests or early production results indicate the material will not meet the Seller’s quality standards or excessive unforeseen costs will be incurred. For accepted C.O.M./C.O.V., the Seller assumes no responsibility for its appearance, quality, durability, colorfastness or any other attributes after application to a Arold product. The Seller will determine any additional yardage, labor charges or surcharges that may be required as a condition of C.O.M./C.O.V. acceptance. Purchase orders will not be processed until material has been approved and production cannot be scheduled until upholstery has been received. Upon com- pleting these steps, your ship date will be determined. The Seller may split an order at the customer’s request and may be subject to a minimum order charge. The Seller is not responsible for excess C.O.M./C.O.V. from completed orders unless express agreement has been reached in advance. The customer is responsible for the return of any excess material. C.O.M./C.O.V. orders may not be changed or cancelled after acknowledgement. Please consult the C.O.M./C.O.V. coordinator (1-888-522-2773) with any questions regarding this process. Pricing C.O.M. (FABRIC): is priced at Grade 2. C.O.V. (VINYL): is priced at Grade 3.