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66 JULY 2021 Custom Fabric Form In order to proceed with your request for a test, all the information below must be provided and a yard of fabric (0,91144 metres) must be sent to the manufacturing plant as stated by your customer service representative. Additional material may be requested. Please include this form and a Cal-117 certification (if applicable) to all test requests. If fabric is reversible, please indicate up side with a color swatch. Remember that fabric (C.O.M.) is priced at grade 2 and vinyl (C.O.V.) is priced at grade 3 . Contact the C.O.M. coordinator with any questions. Please fax this form to: 1-888-248-1865. (send only if testing is required) General information Date Bill to address Customer name Contact person Phone Email address For internal use only Tracking # Date Upholstery information Results – For internal use only Test # Passed Failed Supplier Pattern name Pattern # Colour 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Other comments Please check Orientation* Reversible fabric? Is fabric Cal-117? Backer type Fabric Vinyl Railroaded Up the roll Yes No Yes No (if applicable) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Refer to page 3 for more information about the standard direction in which the fabric is unrolled, according to the product. *