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JULY 2021 67 Terms and Conditions Order placement Groupe Lacasse LLC requires that all orders must be submitted in writing as represented by a valid purchase order on company letterhead, which includes the total list and net dollars. This is to ensure that orders are complete, to avoid errors, and to avoid duplication. Please order product by number in order to avoid any possible error. Telephone orders will not be processed for production without proper written confirmation. Groupe Lacasse LLC will not be responsible for errors, omissions and order duplication due to non-compliance with this procedure. Ordering information The following information is required to process an order: Customer information Product information Sold/Ship to address Quantity Purchase order number Product numbers including options Authorized signature Fabric and colors (all surfaces) Contact name and phone Consignee contact name and phone Tagging instructions Bid/Quote # if applicable Product pricing (list/net) Order total (list/net) Preferred delivered date (Specific delivery date not guaranteed) Order changes Any change to an original purchase order must be received in writing no later than 48 hours after receipt of the original order. Any change to the original order after 48 hours, if approved, will result in production rescheduling. The cost variances will have to be approved by our Customer Service before production rescheduling. Order cancellations Cancellations must be requested in writing no later than 48 hours after receipt of the original order and are subject to approval by Groupe Lacasse LLC. Cancellations cannot be accepted otherwise. Order acknowledgment Orders will be acknowledged by Groupe Lacasse LLC. Please refer to the acknowledgment copy to make sure it agrees with your original purchase order. When corresponding, please refer to the acknowledgment number. Returns Products are made-to-order and may not be cancelled or returned. For warranty issues, please contact Customer Service. The Seller reserves the right to recall any defective items for evaluation. Surcharges Expedited Transportation No shipments have guaranteed delivery time and/or date. Time-sensitive deliveries that require expedited carrier service will result in additional charges that will be passed on to the consignee (dealer). Prices All prices listed are suggested retail prices, F.O.B. our factory, St-Pie, Quebec, Canada. Orders are accepted subject to prices and taxes prevailing at the time of shipment. Prices and taxes are subject to change without notice. If shipping date requested is more than 90 days from date of order, Groupe Lacasse LLC shall have the right to use the published list prices effective at the time of shipment. Chargeable Parts Orders Contact customer service for availability. Orders under $10 are subject to a $15 minimum parts order charge. The small order charge does not apply to replacement parts orders. Service parts prices are subject to change without notice or approval. A $15 NET freight charge will be applied on all chargeable part orders, outside US. Price list dated July 2021 supersedes all other published price lists. Prices shown in price book have priority to electronic catalog contents. Terms Terms of sale are net 30 days to firms who have established satisfactory credit; otherwise we reserve the right to request cash in advance. Interest on past due accounts shall be 2% per month (24% per year). Should the Buyer fail to fulfill the above-mentioned terms of payment, Groupe Lacasse LLC reserves the right to defer further shipments until the Buyer has satisfied all solvency criteria and terms of payment as determined by Groupe Lacasse LLC. Any product sold shall remain the property of Groupe Lacasse LLC and shall remain the Seller’s property until paid for in full. The Buyer agrees to perform all acts which may be necessary to protect and assure retention of title to such products by Groupe Lacasse LLC until such time as goods have been paid for in full. Credit Credit may be established for sales on open account by submitting satisfactory references. A line of credit will be set by our credit department. We may change or cancel credit terms at our discretion and request advance payment at our option. A delay in providing credit information may delay order entry and the shipping date of an order. The Seller reserves the right to delay or cancel any shipment to a customer whose account balance is over the credit limit and/or past due. We do not ship C.O.D. Inactive account of more than one (1) year will result in a reevaluation of the account. Applicable prices List prices and discounts are subject to change without notice or approval. Applicable prices are those in effect at the time of the receipt of an order; we reserve the right to use the published list prices effective at the time of shipment if the requested ship date is more than 90 days after the order receipt date. Prices shown in price book have priority to electronic catalog contents. Services List prices apply to products only. If, as a result of customer request, the dealer or authorized representative provides planning/design services, storage, special handling, set-up, or installation, the customer will be charged at the local dealer or authorized representative’s standard rate. Quotations Quotations are valid for a period of thirty (30) days. Changes All illustrations, specifications and prices in this book are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes, at any time and without prior notice, to prices, colors, materials, specifications and models offered. Delivery The scheduled delivery week is specified on our acknowledgment. Groupe Lacasse LLC is not liable for delay or failure to deliver goods due to causes beyond its control. Groupe Lacasse LLC will only make on site deliveries for a full truckload 2,400 cubic feet (68 cubic metres). An unloading dock must be available to accommodate 53 feet (16,15 metres) trailers and address is subject to approval. Unloading at destination is the responsibility of the purchaser. Our standard carriers do not have liftgates. Request for liftgates can often be accommodated but will result in extra fees. Time sensitive deliveries that require expedited carrier service will result in additional charges that will be passed onto the consignee (dealer). Under no circumstance will Groupe Lacasse deliver goods in a residential area. Groupe Lacasse cannot accommodate inside deliveries. Ship dates and delays If the Seller cannot ship products due to causes beyond its reasonable control (such as casualty, acts of nature, labor disputes, or accident; inability to obtain necessary labor, material or transportation; changes requested by the customer), the ship date will be extended to compensate for the delay as determined by the Seller. Routing Unless otherwise specified by the buyer and agreed to by Groupe Lacasse LLC, the latter reserves the right to select the route, method of shipment and carrier. Customer requests for special carrier, method of shipment and/or routing will be shipped freight collect. Transportation policy “Zone 0” shipments are FCA plant. “Zone 1”, “Zone 2”, “Zone 3”, “Zone 4” and “Zone 5” pricing includes freight cost to your geographical location. On orders less than $2,000 net (regardless of brand and/or shipping point) we will add a $50 small order fee in “Zone 1”. For “Zone 2”, “Zone 3”, “Zone 4” and “Zone 5”, the small order fee is $150. Orders under $25 net are subject to a $20 small order fee (instead of 50$ or 100$) regardless of the shipping zone. Freight charges beyond the continental United States are the purchaser’s responsibility. Shipments beyond the continental United States must deliver to a freight forwarder or forwarding carrier of your choice. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide this information on purchase orders.