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Colors matching laminates Trendy palette ; add 10% to the list price P28 - ANTHRACITE GREY P74 - PLUM P76 - CHARTREUSE P71 - ORANGE P72 - YELLOW P73 - BLUE P77 - EMERALD P78 - MIDNIGHT BLUE P70 - RED P01 - CRYSTAL BLACK P44 * - METALLIC SILVER P75 - AQUA METAL PAINT COLORS FOR LACASSE METAL PRODUCTS Standard palette P53 * - SNOW P29 - WILLOW GREY P55 - ARCTIC GREY P54 - CHALK P17 * - BEIGE P30 - GREY TONE P58 - VELVET P57 - STORM P42 - SMOKE P04 * - CHARCOAL Warning: The colors shown are as exact as printing techniques will allow. Please request an actual color sample; available for any standard finish color. * Metal color choices (fronts, accents and trims) for Paradigm Panel System. Metal colors available on quick delivery for Paradigm Panel System.