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1-888-522-2773 PROGRAM CONDITIONS AND LIMITATIONS: • Maximum of 8 of each selected item and of each color per order. The total number of acoustical panels (KPMA) in all colors and sizes must be limited to a maximum of 20 panels per order . • No modification or cancellation accepted. • Products are ready for shipment 10 business days after reception of a ready-to-process order and delivered on next available trailer . IMPORTANT: Place QuickShip orders separately from regular Lacasse orders. When preparing QuickShip orders, indicate the code “ QS ” in front of the product code or the suggested layout code, i.e.: QS KPMA-4224-NN-P53-PU3-PU6. AVAILABLE OPTIONS AND FINISHES: Make sure to complete QuickShip product codes with the options and finish codes that are part of the QuickShip program. See below for the complete list of QuickShip options and finishes relevant to the Paradigm collection :  METAL FINISHES TRIM / STORAGE FURNITURE P44, P53  GLASS FINISH CG  UPHOLSTERY FOR PANELS E61, E63, E65, HM2, HM3, HM4, PU3, PU6, PU7 One or two upholstery combinations  LAMINATE FINISHES TOPS / VERTICAL PLANS BUC, CCL, CER, ERH, GAN, GGI, HZN, NGA, NTL, SAH, SLT, SNO, TOM One or two-tone combinations  UPHOLSTERY FOR CUSHIONS CBT72, CBT85, CBT89, CBT96, CP01, CP04, CP07, CP09, QA01, QA02, QA06, QA07, TP04, TP06, TP07, TP08 READY TO SHIP IN 10 DAYS ! The products and suggested layouts in this price list are part of the LACASSE quick delivery program . LACASSE QUICKSHIP PROGRAM > PARADIGM Panel System Please refer to the current PARADIGM Panel System General Price Book to see the complete collection and the details of the product offering.