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2 MOBILITY The QUORUMMULTICONFERENCE collection adapts perfectly tomultidisciplinary spaces. For a training room, a collaborative space or a multipurpose area, the tables and their accessories provide a wide variety of applications. Thanks to their braking casters, the tables can be moved easily to create a unifying desk for a reunion or to free up some space as needed. Technological interconnection options, colorful modesty panels, table connectors and hooks for personal effects are also available, so the collection can evolve and keep pace with the room and its users. VERSATILITY With their metal mechanism to tilt the surface effortlessly in vertical position, the QUORUM MULTICONFERENCE tables can be easily moved or stored to customize the work environment. The tables can also be assembled with connectors, creating the perfect modular space for training or meeting purposes. Mobile rectangular table with surface in Musta and modesty panel upholstered in Maharam Messenger Ice. V-bases with braking casters in silver. The tabletop and modesty panels can be tilted down for easy storage. Mobile rectangular table with surface in Totem and modesty panel upholstered in Momentum Odyssey Cruise. V-bases with braking casters in white. Expression chair with chrome base, mesh backrest in Perfection and seat in Momentum Marathon Black.