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Workplace l Antimicrobial Information ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES FOR HEALTHIER WORKSPACES COVID-19 RECOMMENDATIONS Due to the current COVID-19 crisis affecting us worldwide, we strongly recommend the regular disinfection of workspaces and its various elements. Disinfectant wipes and sprays, without bleach, can be used on most materials. Please always follow the instructions on the manufacturers’ product labels for best results and health recommendations. FUZE LASER EDGEBANDING Groupe Lacasse ’ s FUZE laser edgebanding application offers zero joints between the board and the edgebanding as well as a greater resistance to moisture and impact. Surfaces are easier to clean. The sealing effect of the FUZE laser edgebanding technology eliminates all small cavities where microorganisms could grow. LAMINATE BOARDS Thermofused laminates (TFL) and high-pressure laminates (HPL) are non-porous surfaces that do not stimulate the propagation of germs. Some TFL and HPL finishes have antibacterial properties, reducing bacteria by 99% in keeping with ISO 22196/JIS Z 2801 standards. * Not all TFL and HPL have antimicrobial properties. POWDER COATED STEEL AND ALUMINUM Some of our metal components such as the legs on Sencha products and our various Lacasse handles are treated with an antimicrobial finish. This powder coating process is a special grade of ultra-durable polyester coatings that meet the highest quality standard in architectural requirements:  It prevents and protects surfaces from the growth of bacteria;  It prevents and protects surfaces from the growth of destructive micro-organisms;  It reduces bacteria by 99.99% on all painted compo- nents. * Not applicable for Paradigm Panel System and Metal Storage Furniture collection. WOOD FINISHES All Groupe Lacasse wood stains have antimicrobial pro- perties including Arold, Quorum Multiconference and Stad wood components. Antimicrobial treatment reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi responsible for creating foul odors and protects textile, wood and plastic components. By controlling un- wanted germs, antimicrobial additives help in keeping products clean and contribute to product durability. UPHOLSTERIES In order to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of products, Groupe Lacasse has a wide range of antimicrobial products which:  Reduce the spread of germs  Make cleaning easier  Reduce foul odors  Help reduce premature degradation The following Groupe Lacasse upholstery collections have antimicrobial properties . Refer to the Groupe Lacasse Upholstery Selection Guide for more options.  Dillon, Grade 1  Alpha Marquesa, Grade 2  Whisper, Grade 3  Silvertex, Grade 4 All Guilford of Maine upholstery selections are also available with an optional antimicrobial treatmen t. Contact Groupe Lacasse Customer Service for more information about the program and the upcharge. Paradigm Panel System Standard Collection  Pursuit, Grade 1  Dune, Grade 2  Wisdom, Grade 2  Off The Grid, Grade 2  Cape Cod, Grade 3 Other Standard Collections  Couture, Grade 1  Punch Card, Grade 1  Quadrille, Grade 2  To The point, Grade 2 * For additional information on antimicrobial properties, please contact one of our dedicated Groupe Lacasse Customer Care Agents.