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Workplace l Distancing Solutions GUIDELINES FOR CREATING HEALTHIER WORKSPACES OPEN PLAN WORKSPACES C.I.T.É. benching adapts to current, evolving and emerging needs. Beyond the modern, slightly edgy urban feel conferred by the use of translucent acrylic elements and aluminum accents lies a collection designed in keeping with the latest BIFMA standards for benching furniture systems. C.I.T.É.’s freestanding storage units serve a dual purpose as they provide storage and also help create a boundary between workstations to promote distancing between people. For more information on C.I.TÉ ., click here. Astral seating is another wise choice with its seamless upholstery that makes the chair easy to clean. Upholstered in an antimicrobial vinyl to reduce the growth of microbes. For more information on Astral, click here. For upholstery choices, click here. Some HPL and TFL finishes have antibacterial properties, reducing bacteria by 99.9%. FUZE laser edgebanding application offers a zero joint between the board and the edgebanding as well as a greater resistance to moisture and impact. Surfaces are easier to clean . For more information on FUZE laser edgebanding technology, click here. C.I.T.É .’s and our NEW add-on acrylic screens divide and prevent the spreading of droplets between people. These screens can easily be added to existing work- stations . They are movable and removable as per users ’ needs. For more information on screens, click here. Shown: C.I.T.É. Office Furniture System and RADIANCE Seating For complete details on layouts, click here. PAGE 4